The Faidika Farmer’s group in Kanani Village used to sell their potato harvest individually incurring high costs and feeling weak when negotiating with buyers. Today, they are organized, stronger and skilled. The Kanani Village group is one of the 103 groups who are involved in FFD’s project supporting Njombe Agricultural Development Organization in Njombe Region, Tanzania. Thanks to your donations, FFD with the expertise of ProAgria- Oulu supported 2080 potato farmers to increase yields and income during 2018.

The project follows a holistic approach built around increasing potato quality with interventions along the value chain. Farmers harvests have increased from 10MT/ha to 19MT/ha.

The recipe?

The combination of improved seeds and training in Good Agricultural Practices. Additionally, post-harvest losses have reduced thanks to improved storage techniques and storage infrastructures. Proper potato grading, collective marketing and networking strategies provided farmers with higher potato quality, regular buyers, more revenues and less costs. Income has increased 68% from 1,250,000 TSHs/acre to 1,840,000 TSHs/acre.

 “After harvesting we find a buyer together and collect our potato in the centres. Our cost of transportation has reduced because we share costs. Everyone contributes 10,000 TSHs. When we used to sell individually each farmer paid 200,000 TSHs alone. Also, profit has increased because we sell potato direct to buyers at a price of 5000TSHs/TIN. We have more profit than when selling to middlemen at a price of 4000 TSHs/ TIN”- explains the chairman

Improving rural livelihoods of small-holders means supporting women. During 2018 women made the 55% of direct beneficiaries and have earned their place as respected group leaders by outperforming grups lead by men.

Nevertheless, the situation is far from optimal. Smallholders lack economic resources, creating a pervasive loop: the inability to make investments maintains farmers in poverty.

By investing in rural organizations and value chains, you support action on the Sustainable Development Goals.

Your support is ending poverty!

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Tiina Huvio